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One of eight children, Debora Rivas was determined to be heard! Raised in an impoverished neighborhood on Long Island, she was driven to not allow her upbringing  make her. A troubled teen as well as a high school dropout, she ran away at the age of sixteen. By the age of eighteen she had been jailed and homeless. Her determination to fight for her life led her to complete her schooling  and then start a career in Real Estate. Due to her street smarts and good work ethic, she rapidly rose up the ranks to earning a six-figure income. 


 As quoted by Debora: “I remember being judged and misunderstood. I learned early on that you don’t have to be what people say you are. I always hated being labeled  then put in a box. It’s limiting! No one can tell you who you are or what you’re capable of doing. We all have an inner voice that deserves to be freed and heard! You deserve to be everything you want to be!”


With that in mind, she founded Bheardd Media LLC, a media company that is driven by passion projects. Her current passion project is working alongside the school Academy of Urban Planning & Engineering, creating an environmental initiative to inspire youth to advocate change within their community.  


She is also involved in community activism through her group “The Clean Bushwick Initiative” 


Debora’s motivational message regarding making a difference has been applied to Talent Workshop Events and High Schools spreading the message of creating and inspiring the community. 


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